Rhymesayers just reached their 25 year milestone of being a label. The midwestern underground rap giants have proven to be the lifeblood of this scene, and they are heavily deep rooted in their Minneapolis culture.

They had been running their label mall store under their brick and mortar record store name - Fifth Element.

The Fifth Element Online store hadn't been updated in about 10 years and they were in dire need of modernization.


The site was clearly very outdated, the checkout process was lengthy, no dynamic checkout button integration, and a very messy navigation.

Mobile Experience

The biggest difference between the old FEO site and this new site is it's truly a mobile-first experience. 

the end results

While the launch of the new and improved Rhymesayers Mall Store came in the wake of COVID-19, we have ultimately seen an increase of conversion by about 3.5x with around 1.5x the length users were spending on the pages before.

You can view the site at: store.rhymesayers.com