For the XANARCHY SS'19 line I led creative direction on a complete Shopify Overhaul.

The main objective of this overhaul was to modernize the existing site. I implemented custom secondary hover elements, a custom coded quick view button following the direction of the rest of the site elements, and a refined but still tough vibe.

Creating A Seamless, User Friendly E-Commerce Experience.

A big part of this overhaul was to focus on creating a seamless experience and to minimize the number of clicks it took to get from viewing a product to the end of the checkout process. With the implementation of quick view + quick shop as well as Shopify's dynamic check out I was able to get the process from start to finish in about 4 clicks. Depending on the device the user was on and their stored payment methods they are able to do one click payment through ApplePay, PayPal Express, or Amazon payments ultimately cutting checkout time by a handful of minutes.

In the re-design and launch of the new line we saw conversions increase by about 2.75x the conversion rate prior to the re-design.

View the live pixels at: www.xanarchygang.com